James Guest

Full Stack Software Developer

I'm a developer with a background in collegiate coaching and the continual pursuit of education and hands-on engineering. Known among peers for the attention to detail, organization and creative solutions that bring user-friendly applications to life. I believe success as an engineer derives from the enjoyment of compound learning.

Web Apps

Quote Generator

A database-powered quote generator with a mobile-first design, using the Ruby on Rails framework, HTML, and CSS. Uses Git and GitHub for version control, and launched on Heroku.

Yelp Clone

A Yelp clone that integrates with the Google Maps API and includes features like user comments, star ratings, image uploading, and user authentication.

Two-Sided Market Place

A two-sided, video-streaming marketplace platform that features credit card payment capabilities, user role management, complex user interfaces, and advanced database relationships.

Test Driven Development

An Instagram clone that was built using industry-standard, test-driven development following numerous red/green/refactor cycles.

Trello Clone

A full stack Trello clone built using vanilla JavaScript, jQuery, authentication and drag and drop functionality.

Agile Team Project

Worked on an Agile software development team building a chess application. Under the guidance of a senior software engineer, we had weekly Agile team meetings for code reviews, sprint planning, and feature assignments.

Card Counting

(In progress) Powered with React using MobX-state-tree for state management. A card counting application that keeps track of both running and true count values while incorporating how many decks the user decides to play.

Skills & Tools

James has developed proficiency and expertise in the following programming languages and comfort with the following tools.


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